Hitching Post to You

Fall and Winter Days/Hours:
Served 2:30pm - 4pm Friday through Sunday
No appetizer service on Wednesday and Thursday

Grilled Corn & Cheese Quesadilla
Grilled corn salsa with onions, peppers, cilantro, jalapeno, jack & cheddar, inside a grilled flour tortilla

BBQ Sautéed Mushrooms
Grilled for smoke flavor & sautéed with red wine & spices makes a rich sauce, served with garlic toast. 8 ounces.

HP Small Steak & Fries
Small Sirloin Steak Grilled over our oakwood fire, Chimichurri sauce and french fries

Basket of Fries
A double order of triple fried French Fries

Grilled Artichoke
A house specialty and our most popular appetizer. Steamed then grilled for a unique smoke flavor, seasoned with our own Magic Stuff and served with a spicy smoked tomato mayonnaise

Grilled Shrimp
Mexican shrimp and veggies grilled over oak, and served with whipped sweet potatoes

Grilled Texas Quail
Naturally grown, this fresh partially de-boned quail is quickly grilled so it is flavorful & moist. Served with Wild Turkey sweet potatoes. 4-5 ounces

Roasted Garlic
Slow roasted to a soft and smooth texture so it can be spread on toast with herbs, roasted peppers, balsamic and olive oil

Assorted Cheese Plate