Hitching Post to You



Item Price
Side Salad - mixed greens $5
Lunch Salad - corn salsa & roasted red peppers
(Choice of: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Thousand, Italian, V&O)
Steak Salad with blue cheese crumbles $15
Grilled Chicken Salad with corn salsa $15
Corn & Cheese Quesadilla $12
Grilled Artichoke with smoked tomato mayonnaise $14
Side of Fries $3
Double Fries $5
Oak Grilled Burger $14
Oak Grilled Cheese Burger $15
Pulled Pork Sandwich, Brioche bun, S. Carolina style$15
Slice of Brad's Bacon $3
Steak & Caramelized Onion Sandwich $15
Beyond Burger with smoked tomato mayonnaise, eggplant jam
Plant based burger-peas for 20g protein, beets for red, NO soy, gluten or GMO
Street Tacos  Four Tritip or Pulled Pork$13
Dessert  HP Cheesecake or Old Fashion Chocolate Cake$8

Bottled sodas - $3, canned soda - $2

HP WINES  by the glass/bottle
Pinks Dry Rose 2018$6/$18
White Dahlia Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2017$8/$24
Forerunner Chenin Blanc 2018$9/$26
Pinot Noir Hometown 2017$8/$24
Pinot Noir Cork Dancer$10/$30
Pinot Noir Highliner 2017$15/$45
Gen Red 2018$7/$19